Burwell – Flood Defence, Cambridgeshire

For: National Grid

Client / End User: National Grid

Services Provided: Principal Contractor, Civil Engineering Construction

Scope: Phased removal of the existing security fence. Construction of almost 1 kilometre of fibre reinforced concrete flood wall including high security electrified weldmesh fencing to the perimeter of the existing 400KV & 132KV substations. The installation of 1 no. vehicle flood gate and 1no. pedestrian flood gate to allow access and egress. Upgrading of the internal substation drainage system, including the installation of 10 no. groundwater pumping stations so that in the event of flooding to the surrounding area the substation equipment could be kept clear. The installation of flood proof doors to the critical control buildings. Upgrading of the site lighting and rerouting of the access roads where effected by the flood works.

Unusual aspects: The whole of the works was completed with the substation in full operation and with perimeter security maintained at all times.

Burwell - Flood Defence, Cambridgeshire
Burwell - Flood Defence, Cambridgeshire
Burwell - Flood Defence, Cambridgeshire
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