Woolley Hill – Wind Farm Building and Turbine Foundations, Cambridgeshire

For: RES UK Ltd

Client / End User: RES UK Ltd

Services Provided: Civil Engineering and Building Construction

Scope: Windfarm control building and compound.
Construction of the Control Building and Compound, including concrete foundations, rendered blockwork building with a pitched fibre reinforced cement roofing system, high security rated doors and internal finishes. External works including a rain water harvesting system, drainage with new underground cess tank, perimeter security fencing, roads, hardstanding and surface finishes.

4.No Turbine foundations
4no turbine foundations each consisting of a 16m diameter concrete ground slab with a 5m diameter concrete top slab including significant holding down bolt assemblies lifted into position. The finished level and positions being critical with the tight tolerance allowances. 800 Tonnes of concrete and 50 tonnes of reinforcement were used in each foundation.

Unusual Aspects: Planning Conditions dictating a set site access route for all deliveries and requiring the pours to be complete by 6pm.
Strict tolerances for setting out of reinforcement, ducting and holding down bolts.
Monolithic concrete ground slabs with pours of 270m³ of concrete.
Logistic management and coordination was key to the success of each pour.